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Causaly helps you find evidence to answer complex questions from Biomedicine and Healthcare within seconds. The Artificial Intelligence platform has machine-read more than 30 million biomedical publications, clinical trials and side effect databases, all accessible through a user-friendly visual interface.

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Causaly Knowledge Graph

A variety of data sources, including Biomedical Literature, and several side effect databases are machine-read and integrated in the Causaly Knowledge Graph. Customers can integrate their own content to benefit from evidence in existing knowledge information systems. All evidence is represented as a cause-effect network operating in a Graph database, and can be queried and explored through a defined REST API.

Data Sources
  • Biomedical Literature
  • Clinical Trials
  • Patents
  • FDA Labels
  • Other
  • Number of documents
  • Interactions between entities
  • Unique interactions between entities

Proprietary AI for causality extraction

Causaly has developed AI technology that can understand cause and effect evidence in natural language and join it into directional causal graphs. The system understands the document context and linguistic expression to extract Event Causality.

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Datasheet: Causaly Machine-reading Technology Platform

Causaly, the provider of a unique evidence - based research platform for Biomedical Cause & Effect discovery, has developed a proprietary technology for understanding Natural Language as published in biomedical literature.

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What is your document corpus?

More than 30 million abstracts and full text publications from MEDLINE™ and PubMed Central™ are part of the Causaly platform, as well as other structured data sources such as . Additional premium content can be added to the platform through partnerships with publishers, or the internal document holdings of our Enterprise customers.

Do you use only abstracts or also full text publications?

We machine-read abstracts and full text academic publications. Currently more than 2 million publications are full text, which can be increased based on customer requirements.

Do you also process structured data from tables and illustrations?

No, at this moment we focus exclusively on insights from Natural Language.

How do you account for research which is not reproducible?

Causaly is an evidence-based research platform. We make it easy to find the evidence, prequalify it and present it to our users for review. The evaluation of the quality of evidence lies with the expertise of our users.

Can you integrate other data sources such as patents, proprietary documents and other 3rd party databases?

Yes, we have integrated several curated 3rd party databases. New data sources are continuously being added to the platform. Please contact us if you would like to know what is planned next.

Is my data secure with Causaly?

Yes. We take the security of our users’ data very seriously and have taken precautions to secure our platform and user data.