Causaly AI grasps the complexity of natural language

Research at the speed of AI

Causaly helps you find evidence from biomedicine and healthcare within seconds. Our artificial intelligence platform machine reads more than 30 million biomedical publications and clinical trials databases, quickly connecting you with the insights and data that matter.
Research at the speed of AI

Causaly Knowledge Graph

A variety of data sources, including biomedical literature and are machine-read and integrated in the Causaly Knowledge Graph. You can also embed your own content to benefit from evidence in existing knowledge information systems. All evidence is represented as a cause-effect network operating in a Graph database, and can be queried and explored through a defined REST API.

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Proprietary AI for causality extraction

Causaly has developed AI technology that can understand cause and effect evidence in natural language and join it into directional causal graphs. The system understands the document context and linguistic expression to extract Event Causality.
Proprietary AI for causality extraction