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Increase productivity in literature reviews by filtering out False Positives with Causaly’s AI technology. Find insights which would normally be missed with keyword search.

  • Full boolean search on the MEDLINE™ and PubMed Central™ corpus spanning more than 24 million articles abstracts and full text. Search closed-access papers through our partnerships with leading publishers.
  • Combine powerful causal relationship search and traditional keyword search, and visualize your results.
  • Save time by having Causaly pre-read and pre-qualify all articles, and filter out False Positives.
  • Discover similar articles based on causal evidence, not just similar document topics

Causaly Biomedical Knowledge Graph

  • Number of academic articles
  • Interactions between entities
  • Unique interactions between entities


Causaly artificial intelligence technology captures the complexity of natural language

Causaly Machine-Reading Platform
  • Causaly Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies is an ensemble of rule-based linguistic, machine learning & deep learning models trained on proprietary and public data for comprehensive and reliable Event Causality extraction from free text.
  • The Platform is fully modular and integrates with a variety of sources including MEDLINE™, Pubmed Central™, premium full text content from Publishers as well as 3rd party databases such as ChemBL™, DrugBank™ and others.
Causaly Machine-Reading Platform
July 29, 2019
Advancing Clinical Care using AI: A case of Hemorrhagic Disease of Newborn
Working as a pediatrician caring for ill, hospitalized children is a tremendously rewarding occupation, but getting it right can be hard.
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Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Biotech companies who seek to derive insights from academic research and increase their R&D productivity.
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Health Science Libraries
Health Information Professionals working in Medical Schools, Hospital Libraries or treatment centers and wish to access and evaluate information faster.
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What is your document corpus?

MEDLINE™ and PubMed Central™ are part of the Causaly platform. Also, through Partnerships with publishers, we have added additional premium content to the platform.

Do you use only abstracts or also full text publications?

We machine-read abstracts and, when available, full text academic publications. Currently more than 2 million publications are full text, and the rest are abstracts.

Do you also process structured data from tables and illustrations?

No, at this moment we focus exclusively on insights from Natural Language.

How do you account for research which is not reproducible?

Causaly is an evidence-based research platform. We surface the evidence, prequalify it and present it to our users for review. The final decision on the credibility and value of evidence lies with the user.

Can you integrate other data sources such as patents, proprietary documents and other 3rd party databases?

Yes, we have integrated several curated 3rd party databases. New data sources are continuously being added to the platform.

Is my data secure with Causaly?

Yes. We take the security of our users’ data very seriously and have taken precautions to secure our platform and user data.

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