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Mike Rea, Idea PharmaIdea Pharma“The technology behind Causaly is phenomenally impressive”

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Scientific discovery has now outpaced search. Unlike every other biomedical search tool, Causaly curates the exact evidence you need. We use machine learning to analyze and connect over 30 million papers, clinical trials and side effect databases so you can answer complex research questions in just a few clicks.

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Stay on top of the latest discoveries. Causaly machine-reads and maps over 100,000 new research papers each month to give you a birds eye view of your domain. Get notified of knowledge you need to augment your research or take it somewhere new.

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At Causaly, our software helps organizations find evidence from over 200 million hidden links connecting every known biomedical cause and effect relationship to date.

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Jillian Tingli, Researcher - UAB, The University of Alabama at BirminghamResearcher - UAB, The University of Alabama at Birmingham“Causaly has been a valuable resource specifically for extracting top drug hits that have been tested to inhibit COVID19 in vitro or have proceeded to clinical trials”

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