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Causaly helps you find evidence to answer complex questions from Biomedicine and Healthcare within seconds. The Artificial Intelligence platform has machine-read more than 30 million biomedical publications, clinical trials and side effect databases, all accessible through a user-friendly visual interface.

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Research and Development

Research and Development

R&D teams use Causaly for Target Identification, Drug Repurposing, Pre-Clinical Safety, Toxicology

Commercial & Market Access

Commercial & Market Access

Make snapshots of disease areas and interventions. Increase productivity and time to market



Find Prevalence and Incidence data from 43,000 diseases and clinical findings within seconds

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Investigate safety signals for targets and substances in (Pre)-Clinical and Pharmacovigilance, through monitoring of global literature



Save time, maximize ROI

Cut down your time spent on literature reviews and on reading documents which are not relevant to your search. Visualize your search results, export them directly into your existing workflows and improve your team's research output.

Reducing research overhead

Always up-to-date

Stay informed on any changes or additions of your research area or interest, such as Gene-Disease or Drug-Disease relationships. Each month more than 100,000 new publications are machine-read and allow to detect new signals, discoveries and insights early on.

Frequency updates of publications

Add value to literature reviews

Causaly AI machine-reads the full text of articles to identify meaningful relationships and data without adding noise, thus yielding extra findings and detail. Searches in Causaly are transparent and reproducible and search strategies can be saved and shared with other users.

AI reading full text of articles
March 22, 2020

Beyond Chloroquine: AI helps identify possible treatments for COVID-19

We used Causaly to identify 42 substances, which like Chloroquine act on the ACE2 gene, and have potential to be re-purposed to treat COVID-19.
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Help your research teams discover insights faster.

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