AI for Enhanced Biomarker Discovery:

Unravelling Oncological and Immunological Insights for Translational Advancements in Pharma


What to Expect

Are you facing challenges in identifying and validating biomarkers for your research? As a preclinical scientist, the pressure to innovate and accelerate the drug discovery process is immense. Watch now our on-demand webinar to explore how human-centric AI is revolutionizing biomarker discovery in oncology and immunology.
You'll be able to explore:
  • The Knowledge Problem in Biomarker Discovery: During the webinar, we deep-dived into the critical challenges hindering the identification of clinically relevant biomarkers in today's research landscape. We shed light on the limitations and barriers that have blocked progress in this field.
  • Empowering Biomarker Research with Human-centric AI: Discover how our human-centric AI technology can empower your biomarker research. Designed with a focus on enhancing decision-making, streamlining processes, and augmenting your research capabilities, our AI solution is poised to transform the way you approach biomarker discovery.
  • Real-Life Applications of AI in Biomarker Discovery: Gain valuable insights from compelling use cases that demonstrate the transformative impact of AI in biomarker research. Learn from real-life examples that showcase how AI has accelerated the pace of advancements in this field.

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Meet the Speakers

Stavroula Ntoufa

Director of Science at Causaly

Alex Thomson

Head of Presales at Causaly