Causaly announces ISO 27001 certification

Peggy Westlotorn
published on June 28, 2022

We are proud to announce a major milestone for Causaly: successfully passing ISO 27001 certification.

This demonstrates, among other things, we meet the highest security standards, and that we are dedicated to maintaining a security-focused culture. We would like to share a bit more about this, and why we are particularly excited about this milestone.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an ISO standard that covers information security management. Gaining certification confirms we are compliant with ISO’s rigorous requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) - meaning we can secure both our own and other people’s (including customers’) data.

The requirements are wide-ranging, covering everything from financial information to intellectual property, employee details and information entrusted by third parties. They outline how to build, monitor, and continually improve security protocols, ultimately enabling a security-first culture which can adapt to meet the latest compliance regulations.

ISO 27001 is recognized across the world. The process requires checks and participation through the length and breadth of the organization, and multiple intense audits.

Why ISO certification is important for our customers

To truly empower customers, we need to make the process of using Causaly Cloud as seamless as possible. Researchers should be able to focus on research without being distracted by security issues. And that means making them confident we acknowledge the sensitivity of their data.

ISO removes barriers, allowing users to use Causaly Cloud just as they would use any of their internal systems. This ultimately drives trust: helping us build stronger, deeper relationships, enabling us to work more closely with customers, and achieve more successful outcomes together.

Why ISO certification is important for Causaly

Causaly has two characteristics that make ISO certification especially significant: our industry, and our size.

Firstly, Life Sciences businesses naturally deal with a large amount of sensitive data across test subjects, clinical trials, drug development, and other biomedical information. Causaly Cloud is used by different organizations who work with data of varying levels of confidentiality. It is therefore critical to implement controls that mitigate risk at every level, and ensure our customers can entrust their data to us.

Secondly, we are a rapidly growing technology company. With fewer people in an organization, it is a relatively simple matter to implement security policies that ensure compliance across the board. As the organization grows and more people come on board, variations may appear in levels of diligence and training. These inadvertent gaps in protocol can then lead to potential breaches or loss of data.

Implementing ISO’s requirements assure us that our security protocols are ironclad. Certification is the green light that gives us the confidence to scale as fast as possible, with our quality intact.

Founded in 2018, Causaly’s mission is to transform how humans can find, visualize and interpret biomedical knowledge, to accelerate solutions for some of the greatest challenges we face in human health. Causaly acts as an operating system for biomedical and health data that empowers researchers to effortlessly identify new research avenues and innovative drug development opportunities. Its technology mimics human reading, and digests tens of millions of documents into an Enterprise Knowledge Graph allowing researchers and decision-makers to answer questions they can’t answer anywhere else. To learn more, visit

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