Roche and Causaly Webinar: AI for smarter portfolio management - Moving beyond serendipity in early R&D

Peggy Westlotorn
published on April 12, 2022

Pharmaceutical research is inherently risky and failed or discontinued projects are an inevitable part of the R&D process. A key challenge is that competitive information and the biological validation necessary to decide on target selection and clinical development is often unavailable in a timely or holistic manner. With the volume of information increasing exponentially – from biomedical literature, to labels, to clinical trials, to conference readouts, to news – tackling this problem is a massive challenge.

In this on-demand webinar Ivan John Clement, previous R&D Portfolio Data Strategy Lead from Roche and Yiannis Kiachopoulos, CEO of Causaly discuss how:

  • Roche is partnering with Causaly to build a unified and systematic approach to drive better project and portfolio level decisions.
  • A user-centric application of AI for smarter portfolio management leads to value creation in early R&D.
  • Causaly’s machine-reading algorithms truly understand text like a human does, allowing Roche and other users to receive simple answers to complex questions within seconds.

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