Alex Meissner joins Causaly as VP Strategy & Business Operations

Yiannis Kiachopoulos
published on January 10, 2022

Causaly, a leader in R&D Analytics that allows researchers and specialists to intuitively map and navigate the intricate landscape of biomedical research, announced today that it has added Alex Meissner to the management team as Vice President for Strategy & Business Operations.

By synthesizing insights and analysis from millions of scientific documents, Causaly radically increases the speed and quality of research, thereby improving R&D teams’ decision-making. We are unleashing the wave of “smart” digitalization across industry.

Alex will make sure that Causaly’s organization and products are focused to deliver maximum impact for the R&D digital transformation in the Life Sciences industry.

Alex brings over 15 years of experience across enterprises and startups. In his last role, he drove the digital transformation of Deutsche Telekom as VP Strategy Development, the leading telco in the western hemisphere. Prior to that, Alex served as Principal at Horvath and Partner at Detecon, leading consultancies within the digital space. In addition, Alex has founded two startups. He holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and WHU Koblenz.

“The massive amount of unstructured data in the life science industry and the simplicity that Causaly provides to generate insights & impact is unprecedented” said Alex Meissner, VP Strategy & Business Operations of Causaly. “I’m excited to join Causaly’s mission to drive the digital transformation within the R&D value chain using its unique solution. We are on the cusp of making a massive difference to the productivity of thousands of researchers within Life Sciences.”

Yiannis, CEO of Causaly says: “Alex’s strategic thinking, hands-on execution ability and deep experience within digital transformation will help transform Causaly’s operations and efficiency. He will make sure that our solution translates into impact for our customers. We’re excited to have him join our management team as 2022 will be a defining year of extraordinary growth for Causaly.”

Founded in 2018, Causaly’s mission is to transform how humans can find, visualize and interpret biomedical knowledge, to accelerate solutions for some of the greatest challenges we face in human health. Causaly acts as an operating system for biomedical and health data that empowers researchers to effortlessly identify new research avenues and innovative drug development opportunities. Its technology mimics human reading, and digests tens of millions of documents into an Enterprise Knowledge Graph allowing researchers and decision-makers to answer questions they can’t answer anywhere else. To learn more, visit

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