Infographic: Target Discovery in Neurology

Identify, Prioritize and Assess Targets for Alzheimer’s Disease

With R&D costs of $1.5 billion per approved neurologic agent and a 90% failure rate, there is a crucial need for improving target selection in drug discovery.
Our latest infographic utilized Causaly to identify and prioritize around 5,800+ targets for Alzheimer’s disease in just seconds, zeroing in on mediators by which a target affects the disease:
  • IDENTIFY: Quickly visualize the entire target landscape for Alzheimer’s disease, with evidence from 50,000 documents.
  • PRIORITIZE: Refine targets by desired criteria, including novel 2023 targets and those with GWAS studies.
  • ASSESS: Evaluate indirect target-disease interactions to uncover potential mediators by which the target affects the disease.

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Infographic: Target Discovery in Neurology

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