Lupus and Autoimmune Diseases

2023 Target Discovery Spotlight Report


What to Expect

Autoimmune diseases affect an estimated 4% of the global population, including one in five Americans. With over 80 known autoimmune conditions and an ever-evolving field of study, the need for effective treatments is high.
As the search for groundbreaking therapies continues, it’s essential to identify potential new targets for novel treatments. Researchers have made advancements in this area, discovering more than 3,000 new targets in a variety of autoimmune indications over the past three years.
However, a considerable unmet need remains for lupus and other autoimmune disorders. Persistent investment in research and development is essential to address this on-going challenge.
Dive into our 2023 Spotlight Report to:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the autoimmune disease landscape
  • Explore the spotlight on lupus: unmet needs and target discovery trends
  • Learn how AI-driven platforms like Causaly can revolutionize target discovery
Explore how researchers can efficiently navigate the complex ecosystem of scientific information, identify potential targets, and prioritize the most promising candidates for further investigation

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Lupus and Autoimmune Diseases

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Stavroula Ntoufa

Director of Science at Causaly