Target Discovery Factsheet

Identify and Prioritize 4,500+ Targets for Type 2 Diabetes (T2D)

T2D accounts for >95% of all diabetes cases and has a significant impact on daily life. While treatments can control blood sugar, 45% T2D patients fail to achieve glycemic control, highlighting the need for targeted treatment alternatives to improve disease management.
For this factsheet, Causaly’s AI was leveraged to extract relevant T2D targets from the volume of biomedical literature, providing a view of all scientific evidence with 100% traceability in just seconds.
Explore how Causaly can prioritize targets by:
  • Uncover 1,300 enzyme targets, including GSK3β and UBE3C.
  • Explore novel risk alleles reported in the GWAS catalog.
  • Navigate evidence for 1,100+ targets reported 2023.
  • Prioritize targets studied in animals, including porcine.

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Target Discovery Factsheet

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