Biomarker Discovery Spotlight

Unveiling Biomarkers in Huntington's Disease (HD)

Biomarkers are pivotal in enhancing the success of drug development. Their cannot be overstated, with over 80% projects utilizing biomarkers achieving success or demonstrate activity in Phase IIa. In contrast, projects without them have a success rate of less than 30%. This underscores the immense potential of biomarkers as reliable indicators of disease progression.
Our latest Biomarker Discovery Spotlight report delves into the identification of disease progression biomarkers in Huntington's Disease (HD), a rare neurodegenerative condition which proves fatal after 20 years of symptom onset.
Key takeaways:
  • Grasp the challenges of biomarker development in neurological diseases.
  • Recognize the impact of disease progression biomarkers in HD.
  • Explore the biomarkers with most evidence and recently reported biomarkers.
By leveraging AI, Causaly rapidly unravels the biomarker landscape for a given disease, eliminating selection bias associated with traditional keyword searching whilst maintaining full transparency of resources.

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