Biomarker Discovery Spotlight

Exploring Drug Resistance Biomarkers in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

With oncology pivotal trials costing around $32 million each, there is a growing interest in leveraging biomarkers for treatment optimization. Around 90% of chemotherapy failures are attributed to drug resistance during cancer invasion and metastasis, highlighting the crucial need for biomarkers for improved patient outcomes.
Our latest Biomarker Discovery Spotlight Report delves into biomarkers of imatinib resistance chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), a condition where 33% of patients fail to achieve optimal treatment response.
What will you gain:
  • Recognize the impact of leveraging biomarkers in treatment optimization.
  • Grasp the challenges of imatinib drug-resistance in CML patients.
  • Explore transcription factors and signaling proteins as drug resistance biomarkers.
By leveraging AI, Causaly can rapidly uncover the biomarker landscape for a given disease, eliminating selection bias associated with traditional keyword searching, whilst maintaining full transparency of resources.

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