Spotlight On Biomarkers

Uncover the Latest Biomarkers of Disease Progression, Prediction and Survival

Biomarkers are crucial for enhancing the success of drug development, aiding in target selection, drug safety predictions and participant selection for clinical trials. However, identifying biomarkers with suitable specificity and sensitivity amidst the rapidly expanding biomedical literature proves challenging.
Causaly can accelerate this process by streamlining the identification of promising biomarkers, enabling early drug discovery teams to transition discovery projects into clinical programs with confidence.
Our Spotlight On Biomarkers Report explores biomarkers of survival, disease progression, treatment response and drug resistance across a range of therapeutic indications.
Key Biomarker Insights:
  • Disease Progression: Explore the promise of blood biomarkers in neurology.
  • Treatment Response: The significance of biomarkers in guiding clinical decisions.
  • Drug Resistance: Grasp the challenges of chemotherapeutic resistance in oncology.
  • Survival Biomarkers: Recognize the utility of survival biomarkers in rare diseases.
By leveraging AI, Causaly rapidly unravels the biomarker landscape for a given disease, eliminating selection bias associated with traditional keyword searching whilst maintaining full transparency of resources.

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