Leveraging AI in early stage drug discovery and due diligence: Autobahn Labs & Causaly webinar

Rachael Burroughs
published on July 07, 2021

"Switching over to Causaly has been transformative"
Dr. Yuxi Lin, Associate Director of Project Management at Autobahn Labs

Causaly and Autobahn Labs - an early stage drug discovery incubator launched by Evotec, Samsara Biocapital and KCK - co-hosted a joint webinar on the 29th of June. In this session, Autobahn Labs demonstrated how they use AI to mitigate the challenges that come with early stage life sciences due diligence in translating scientific ideas to novel therapeutics.

The result? A smarter selection of the most promising projects and investments in impactful treatments that change patient lives.

Request access to this webinar to learn more about how Autobahn Labs leverage AI to improve decision making and productivity in these areas:

  • Evaluating and generating scientific hypotheses
  • Gaining accurate epidemiological data of a disease
  • Quickly understanding a target’s function
  • Assessing the scientific strength of a project proposal
  • Finding additional indications relevant to a disease target

"We want comfort in the therapeutic rationale that impacting Protein X will have a beneficial impact on Disease Y. You can do these searches in Google and get an impossible number of hits - but Causaly really allows us to drill down into these relationships and get supporting data for the directionality of the effect"
Dr. Tom Novak, CSO at Autobahn Labs

Please request access to the recording here.

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