Causaly Raises $1 Million Seed Round to Deliver AI for Cause & Effect Discovery in Biomedicine

Yiannis Kiachopoulos
published on July 26, 2018

London, UK (July 26, 2018) – Causaly Inc., an AI for Biomedical cause & effect discovery, announces today the completion of a $1m seed round led by Marathon Venture Capital. The investment will enable the company to accelerate development of its machine-reading technology and support its fast-growing adoption by research scientists and decisions makers in Pharma and Life Sciences around the world.

Today, answering a question like "How is obesity related to the risk of cancer?” requires extensive human effort as information on Disorders, Chemicals & Drugs or Genes is spread over thousands of documents across multiple disciplines. This poses a challenge for experts in Industry and Academia who must cope with the exponentially increasing amounts of academic literature with only limited time to read and connect the dots – an error-prone process with long time-to-insight for decision makers.

Causaly’s machine-reading platform processes millions of documents and connects the dots into causal knowledge graphs. It then enables users to explore causal associations and gather evidence for their hypotheses instantly - an activity that usually takes weeks or months to perform due to the limitation of human reading speed. Apart from semantic search, experts can make use of advanced analytics capabilities for network analysis and entity-link predictions to arrive at novel hypotheses, using the combined knowledge from millions of documents.

Yiannis Kiachopoulos and Artur Saudabayev, co-founders of Causaly, are on a mission to build a causal model of the world and empower people to generate insights through causal inference. Starting from biomedicine, Causaly has extracted more than 100 million causal associations from published academic literature.

In the context of the financing, Yiannis Kiachopoulos, Causaly's co-founder & CEO, stated: "Getting to the question of how and why things work is at the core of making hypotheses and decisions. We aim to give this access to people who solve very complex problems in Drug Discovery, Health Economics and Pharmacovigilance for developing better and safer treatments".

The investment round is expected to help the company accelerate product development and address growing demand from customers like Novartis and other strategic partners. The round is led by Marathon Venture Capital with Angels participating, including Matt Clifford, Nadav Rosenberg, Charlie Songhurst, Dr. Alexander Moscho and Emerge Education.

George Tziralis, partner at Marathon Venture Capital, added: "Causality used to be a philosophical term. Causaly makes it practical, putting it in the hands of researchers and decision makers. The work of Yiannis, Artur and their team is going to have a positive impact we cannot yet foresee to its full extent."

About Causaly
Causaly is an AI for Biomedical Cause & Effect discovery, empowering researchers and decision makers to quickly find causal evidence and generate insights from vast amounts of documents. The company is developing a machine-reading platform that turns free-flow text into causal knowledge graphs and applies machine learning to surface new knowledge. This helps users to accelerate their research schedules and improve time-to-insight significantly. Visit for more info.

About Marathon Venture Capital
Marathon Venture Capital ( is an early-stage venture capital fund, helping ambitious founders build world-class technology companies. Its latest investments are Norbloc, Landoop, and Inaccel. Marathon partners’ track record includes Bugsense, Taxibeat, Workable and, among others.
For further information contact George Tziralis (

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