Watch Causaly’s panel discussion from Discovery Europe

Peggy Westlotorn
published on June 30, 2022

On June 9th – 10th 2022, over 400 pharma leaders came to Berlin to take part in Discovery Europe – a renowned industry summit dedicated to addressing the latest advancements in target identification, validation and HIT optimisation.

Many of the industry’s key thought leaders and businesses attended – and Causaly was no exception. Over the two days, we hosted an engaging panel discussion, demonstrated a live demo of our platform in action, and joined in on the conversation about the future of Pharma.

Below you can view the full video of the panel discussion we hosted.

Target identification and validation panel discussion

Our Chief Scientist Richard Harrison mediated a fascinating panel discussion about target identification and validation. The panel included Magnus Walter, Senior Director Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry and Screening Biology at AbbVie; Laura Starkie, Senior Group Leader at UCB; Zhiying Li , Director of Life Science and Technology at GemPharmatech; and David Chambers, Head of Systems Biology at Grunenthal.

You can find a recording of the conversation below. Amongst other topics, the panel discussed:

  • What data types are most important for target identification.
  • The best way to classify a validated drug target.
  • What features may hint that a target should not be pursued.
  • What needs to change to improve target selection and increase clinical trial success rates.

Watch the video.

Causaly Cloud Demo

Richard also demonstrated Causaly Cloud in a live product demo. By performing searches and interrogating data related to Alzheimer’s Disease, Richard showed how:

  • Causaly Cloud machine reads all published scientific data, comprehending it like a human and pulling precise evidence – not just documents.
  • Users get the full picture and can see at a glance all the data that supports and opposes a hypothesis – therefore reducing scientific bias.
  • Users are served different knowledge graphs, including a dendrogram, a timeline view and a network view, helping them explore the data as much as possible.
  • Our powerful Multi-Hop feature can spot hidden meditators between biomedical concepts, enabling researchers to generate brand new hypotheses.

After the demo, we challenged the audience to come by our booth and use the technology for themselves – and we’d love you to do the same. Click here to request a demo and see how Causaly Cloud can benefit your area of research.

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