Richard Harrison appointed as Causaly’s Chief Scientist

Peggy Westlotorn
published on June 21, 2022

Causaly, a world leader in R&D Analytics that allows researchers and specialists to navigate the intricate landscape of biomedical research, has announced the appointment of Richard Harrison, PhD, as its Chief Scientist.

By analyzing data from millions of scientific documents using its Natural Language Processing platform, Causaly radically increases the speed and quality of research, thereby improving R&D teams’ decision-making.

Richard brings 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and consulting. His deep expertise in pharma R&D will be instrumental in building products that accelerate drug discovery. He will act as an expert to drive platform performance, promote thought leadership, report on pharmaceutical industry trends, and highlight how Causaly can help accelerate breakthroughs in Life Sciences.

Richard said, “As a researcher, I have first-hand experience of the tremendous speed of scientific discoveries and the difficulties of keeping up to date. I was delighted to discover Causaly and believe its technology will radically transform pharma research. The failure of huge numbers of clinical trials can be tracked back to issues at the R&D stage. Giving researchers the tools to uncover hidden targets, create novel hypotheses, and extract insights from vast sums of data will lead to better and faster scientific discoveries - enabling the discovery of life-saving medicines. I am very excited to be part of this journey.”

Richard comes to Causaly from Accenture, where he was responsible for IT solutions and platform innovations for pharmaceutical clients. In addition, Richard served as Chief Scientific Officer at Thomson Reuters (later Clarivate Analytics) pioneering the use of Knowledge-Based Drug Discovery. Richard spent 30 years in pre-clinical drug discovery in companies such as Merck, Novartis and Aventis, and also was a founding scientist in two biotech companies. He holds a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from Rutgers University and has authored more than 50 peer reviewed publications in top tier journals.

Yiannis Kiachopoulos, CEO of Causaly, said: “I could not be happier to announce this appointment. Richard brings with him vast amounts of expertise and industry experience – both of which will be critical to developing our product, serving our customers, and truly transforming drug discovery.”

Founded in 2018, Causaly’s mission is to transform how humans can find, visualize and interpret biomedical knowledge, to accelerate solutions for some of the greatest challenges we face in human health. Causaly acts as an operating system for biomedical and health data that empowers researchers to effortlessly identify new research avenues and innovative drug development opportunities. Its technology mimics human reading, and digests tens of millions of documents into an Enterprise Knowledge Graph allowing researchers and decision-makers to answer questions they can’t answer anywhere else. To learn more, visit

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