Causaly announces the appointment of Chris Tunnell as SVP Global Sales

Peggy Westlotorn
published on May 13, 2022

Causaly, a world leader in R&D analytics that allows researchers and specialists to navigate the intricate landscape of research, today announced the appointment of Chris Tunnell as SVP of Global Sales.

By analyzing data from millions of scientific documents using its Natural Language Processing platform, Causaly radically increases the speed and quality of research, thereby improving R&D teams’ decision-making.

As SVP of Global Sales, Chris will be responsible for owning and driving Causaly's revenue generation and commercial operations.  Along with building a US-focused operation, he will be putting the global framework and team in place to enable Causaly to achieve its ambitious targets for 2022 and beyond.

Chris said: “Causaly is uniquely positioned to empower a fast-growing pharma research sector that now, more than ever, needs strong support from the technology community to see that tangible results are realized.  I’m most fortunate to have joined the leader in this space at such an important moment.”

Chris began his career as a technology consultant before quickly moving into sales, leading sales organizations at companies such as Computer Associates and Platinum Technologies.  After leading a global technology sales team to successful acquisition, Chris subsequently founded two companies in the healthcare technology space and led them each to successful acquisition over the next decade.  Finally, Chris has been leading global sales teams in the pharmaceutical technology and data space over the past 5+ years prior to joining Causaly.

Yiannis Kiachopoulos, CEO of Causaly, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Chris to Causaly. 2022 is a hugely important year for us, and Chris’ contribution will be fundamental as we continue to grow at an incredible rate. His extensive experience leading global sales teams will be invaluable in steering our commercial operations and helping our clients unlock the potential of AI within R&D.”

Founded in 2018, Causaly’s mission is to transform how humans can find, visualize and interpret biomedical knowledge, to accelerate solutions for some of the greatest challenges we face in human health. Causaly acts as an operating system for biomedical and health data that empowers researchers to effortlessly identify new research avenues and innovative drug development opportunities. Its technology mimics human reading, and digests tens of millions of documents into an Enterprise Knowledge Graph allowing researchers and decision-makers to answer questions they can’t answer anywhere else. To learn more, visit

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