Announcing Causaly Connect: A virtual meeting of Life Science leaders

Nick Beaumont
published on September 20, 2022

On October 4-6, Life Science professionals from across the globe will meet virtually for Causaly Connect – an insightful series of webinars that will address how technology is shaping the future of industry, and how professionals can leverage it.

Our speaker list includes leaders from global Life Science businesses, including Merck KGaA, Astellas, NIEHS, MSD, and many more. By attending, you can learn from their experience first-hand as they discuss how digital transformation and the latest innovations are redefining drug discovery.

We have a full agenda that will includes topics such as:

• Pharmacometrics in drug discovery
• Decision making in clinical support
• Change management and how humans acquire knowledge
• Improving outcomes in early drug discovery
• How to augment data science pipelines

Learn from industry leaders

The importance of innovation in R&D is without question. Causaly Cloud harnesses advanced Natural Language Processing to machine read all published biomedical documents – extracting nuanced insights with a precision and efficiency that goes far beyond the manual processes of the past. This is the sort of innovation that will drive the future.

However, it is not enough to just know about technology. To unlock its full potential and successfully integrate it into R&D value chains, we must learn from each other's experiences. That is what Causaly Connect is all about. The event will allow you to hear first-hand from industry leaders, learn from their experience, and understand how the latest innovations can be applied to your business.

At Causaly Connect, you will:

Discover insights from industry leaders
Our speaker list includes some of the biggest names in the Life Sciences. This is a unique opportunity to hear from leaders directly as they address a number of topics relating to drug R&D.

Overcome challenges
By attending, you will better understand how Life Sciences businesses are innovating to face challenges and come away inspired to fully leverage bleeding edge technology.

Help shape the future of Life Sciences
Digital transformation is impacting every industry from Finance to Automotive – and Life Sciences is no exception. Technology is set to redefine how we operate. As a Causaly Connect attendee, you will be joining your fellow leaders to map the course for how innovation will transform our industry.

For details on the full agenda and register, please click here.

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