How AI is redefining hypothesis generation in pharma research

It is widely recognized that the Scientific Method is fundamental for discovering new medicines. We’re all familiar with the process: a researcher poses a question, such as what causes a specific disease, then gathers all relevant information that is known about their question. Upon digesting this information, they formulate a hypothesis and design experiments to […]

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Gathering Knowledge

How AI is redefining hypothesis generation in pharma research image 0
Image 1: Causaly Cloud shows all the evidence in biomedical literature. You get the full picture, including evidence you may otherwise accidently miss, overlook, or dismiss. This image shows the total amount of evidence that agrees and disagrees with a hypothesis, along with arrows that indicate the direction or causality.

Generating new hypotheses

Images 2 and 3: Multi-Hop enables you to discover hidden mediators, allowing you to connect seemingly unrelated biomedical concepts. In this case, Causaly Cloud uncovered the MCL-1 gene, which appears to have an impact on Alzheimer’s Disease.


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